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Why Brass is so Hot Right Now

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If you’re planning a new home build or designing a bathroom and kitchen renovation, brass tapware and fittings are on our list of the hottest new trends to look out for.

Not so long ago your bathroom, kitchen and laundry fittings came in one choice: chrome. And then we had a big wave of minimalism all through the 2000s and black tapware muscled its way onto the scene. Since then, manufacturers have been getting braver about their choice of metals, and right now brass tapware is high on the list of the hottest bathroom design trends.

Whether you want a touch of class and elegance, need the right features to pair with your mid-century interior design, or you just want to stand out from the crowd, here’s our top 5 reasons to choose brass fittings for your next home renovation project.

The Statement Piece

Wherever you use brass fittings – bathrooms, laundries, kitchens – they tend to stand out as a bold choice.

Compared to the chrome or black tapware of years past, brass looks even brighter and more striking for its golden hue. When brass fittings are paired with the right choice of benchtops and cabinetry, they can easily become a statement piece around which to build the rest of your design.

The Living Metal

One of the hottest trends of modern interior design is using natural materials that develop character as they age.

You can see these materials everywhere in modern homes, especially in the form of real timber, stone tiles and stone benchtops, and now we’re seeing it in our metals too. Much like timber ages over time, brass changes colour as it’s exposed to air and water.  If you love that lived-in look for your home, then the way brass evolves over the years will be right up your alley.

But if that’s not your thing you can still use brass! Brass tapware is available in finishes that protect the surface and stop it from tarnishing over time – just be careful about using abrasive pads when cleaning.

A Colour to Match Every Design

Brass is an alloy that’s mostly made from copper and zinc, which means it can be found in a variety of colours, depending on how much of each metal went into the mix.

Chrome is always shiny and black tapware is always black, but brass fittings can be anything from a shiny gold through to a rich and deep silver colour. Whatever design look you’re trying to achieve for your home renovation or build, brass fittings can be found to match.

Polished vs Brushed

So, we know brass comes in a range of colours, but it can also be found in several different finishes. Polished and brushed are the two most common.

These are exactly what they sound like. Polished brass is shiny, bringing out the brighter gold tones and giving your bathroom or kitchen a classy and elegant feel. Brushed brass has a more muted effect where the surface has been intentionally dulled to work better with minimalist or understated spaces.

Whichever type is more your style, there are plenty of choices out there that can be matched to suit your interior aesthetic.

A New World of Design Options

Timber and stone are everywhere in the modern bathroom and brass tapware makes for the perfect accompaniment.

Rich woods like oak pair beautifully with the sophistication of brass fittings, and they’re also an excellent match for the heavy greys of stone benchtops and basins. Combining all three materials is a match made in heaven that can really tie a room together.

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