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Builder Journey: This Couple Battled Border Restrictions To Build Their Dream Home

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When Jin and James moved to Australia, it became their dream to build a house in beautiful Queensland.

Along with their two young children, the couple was getting ready to build when COVID-19 threw a spanner in the works. Quarantines, lockdowns and travel restrictions had stranded James Taiwan.

“We hadn’t seen each other for one year."

“We hadn’t seen each other for one year,” says Jin. Even still the couple persisted.

Despite the challenges of the distance, the family were determined to build an Australian home of their own. Jin and James settled on a plot of land in Bahrs Scrub, a suburb in the fast-growing Logan City, with spacious lots and bushland all around. Even though they were apart, the pair decided to go ahead and build a Privium custom home that would be ready for James to return to.

Working with our team, they designed a beautifully presented, modern take on suburban Australian architecture. The large corner block allowed them to spread out and gave them the space to build a home with 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and 2 separate living areas, as well as a twin garage and a kitchen with a butler’s pantry. Having the extra room to move was important – building a home that could grow along with their two children meant it was somewhere they’d be able to come home to for many years.

The process of designing their home went smoothly, even with James having to phone in from overseas to work with his wife and the Privium team. Ultimately their goal was to build a house that was bright and had a great natural vibe to it, and they’ve done a fantastic job.

Outside, the build makes use of classic weatherboard to nail a Hamptons-inspired aesthetic that’s both bright and inviting. Those design cues continue beyond the front door where the house has been finished warmly, timber flooring on the ground level bringing in a natural vibe that James is proud of. Large windows are in plentiful supply and every detail of Jin’s styling seems to hold the light and create spaces that are bright and homely.

Jin’s favourite part of the build is upstairs in the master suite, “The most touching part is the balcony view on the first floor.” Up above street level, the balcony overlooks the parkland opposite, already green and thriving with Australian native plants. The balcony and its large sliding glass door help the room capture a feeling of everyday luxury that Jin and James will be thrilled to wake up to each morning.

“They just did a great job, so we didn’t need to worry about any details.”

The rest of the bedrooms are large but feel cosy thanks to their plush carpet, and the bathrooms feature modern tiles that play beautifully with the couple’s overall aesthetic.

James loves the result of their hard work and puts much of it down to the service he and his wife received from Privium, “They just did a great job, so we didn’t need to worry about any details.”

James shared some great advice for others who are getting ready to build a home, “The key point when you first design your home is to find out what you really want.” Sit down with your designer and work out the little details. Nothing makes for a smooth building experience quite like being on top of your vision. Knowing what you’re building and how you’re going to use the space is key to putting together a home that will suit the lifestyle you’re envisioning.

“I definitely recommend Privium to others."

“I definitely recommend Privium to others,” says Jin, and we’re humbled to have that praise from someone who was juggling her family and a new build while her husband was away. The final result of their new home is something Jin and James should be incredibly proud of, and it’s something the whole Privium team are thrilled to have been involved with.

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