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“We were looking for a home that we wouldn’t outgrow” | Claire and Troy’s Story

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Kalbar is a rural town in the picturesque Scenic Rim, about an hour southwest of Brisbane.

This is where Claire and Troy decided to build a home for their family. Living in rural Queensland has been a blessing for the couple, with large blocks and wide-open spaces giving them the opportunity to design a sprawling family home that will grow with them forever.

“We were looking for a home that we wouldn’t outgrow, and something that our children could bring their children back to.”

Claire and Troy are a classic case of a couple who knew exactly what they wanted. For them, building their own home was important, it meant they could have full control over the design and get what they needed from the project. Having a new home that no one else had lived in was all part of fulfilling their family dream, “We were looking for a home that we wouldn’t outgrow, and something that our children could bring their children back to.”

So, planning with the future in mind, the couple worked alongside the Privium team to design a home that could stay in their family for decades.

On a generous block, the exterior of the house features classic styling in modern colours. It’s bright and friendly and meshes well with what Claire and Troy were hoping to achieve. The rest of the block is a blank canvas, and Troy already has his next projects in mind, “We want to put a pool in, and a shed, so that’s something we can look forward to.” And the yard has more than enough room for both of those things, with space left to spare for their family and pets to enjoy.

“We want to put a pool in, and a shed, so that’s something we can look forward to.”

Inside the house is the true surprise though, the humble façade hiding 4 spacious bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a study, 3 separate living spaces, as well as a large kitchen and butler’s pantry. When you step through the front door, it’s easy to imagine the house filled to the brim with family members and grandkids, all enjoying the warm features and large rooms.

The interior aesthetic shows off the couple’s design sense, matching modern colours and fittings to natural timber and stone finishes to create timeless spaces. Not only have Claire and Troy succeeded in building a beautiful family home, but they’ve planned for the future, using understated design elements that will never go out of style. With small updates to their furnishing and décor along the way, the family will be able to enjoy a home that looks and feels modern long after it was built.

Sat at their dining table it’s plain to see the couple are proud of their efforts. Their custom home has turned out beautifully, and it manages to incorporate all the things they were hoping to achieve from the start.

“We would recommend Privium hands down.”

As for advice for others in the same position, “Enjoy the process,” is what Claire recommends, “but know what you want and go in with that vision.” The best part of designing a house is the freedom to do what you want and make it your own. But that can have the opposite effect – needing to make so many decisions can be a challenge for anyone. Going in with a clear vision is the best way to make sure you’re choosing a design you’ll always love.

But, whatever sort of home you’re looking to build, the Privium team will be there to support you every step of the way, including helping you lock down a vision for the project. The building doesn’t need to be a stressful experience, and it’s one of the things Claire was impressed with, “It was really stress-free for us, really easy,” adding, “We would recommend Privium hands down.”

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