deposit assistance

Deposit Assistance

To help you step into your own home sooner, we offer a $15K assistance package that can be used towards your home deposit*.

*Buyers must meet eligibility criteria set out by both lenders and Privium Homes. For an assessment of eligibility, get in touch with us today.

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Full Service Home Builder

Our pledge is to support you through your entire home building journey. From finance through to handover, we will help you create a space meant for you.

Turn key

Full Turn Key Homes

Put simply, your new home will be 100% move in ready at handover – including driveway & air conditioning, right down to your letterbox!

Expert advice

Expert Advice

Be rest assured that you are speaking to the industry experts. Not only have we paved the way with low deposit products, but we are setting a new standard with our award-winning home designs which showcase both our experience and innovative nature.

Low Deposit Program


Renting a house has its perks. It can be flexible, it can be temporary and it can be done without concern for the future. But these perks can also be the problem. Renting is transactional. It’s unemotional. You rent a house – but it’s not your home. You’re forever at your landlord’s mercy. You cannot personalise the space. You cannot expand your family with any fury paws. You cannot settle down or settle in beyond the length of your tenure. Moving house isn’t always up to you. Your rental house is not a place where your lasting memories can reside.

We know you’d rather own a home – and we understand that making that step from renting to owning can be difficult.

This is why we offer a $15K Deposit Assistance Package which can be used towards your home deposit.

Make your next move truly count. Stop renting and move into a home that you not only call your own – but that you can make your own.


There are 5 aspects to the Deposit Assistance Package that make this avenue to home ownership successful.

Savings Contribution

To get started on your building journey, you will need to have a small deposit of at least $5K saved, ready to contribute.

Grants & Incentives

Currently, the Australian Government is providing assistance for First Home Buyers who are also Australian citizens or permanent residents and who are building new homes valued at up to $750,000. Depending on your state, you could receive upwards of $59,000 in grants & incentives*. Some of these grants & incentives may then possibly be used towards your new home deposit.

*This figure is based on grants & incentives available in QLD and is current as of July 2020. Although every attempt will be made to keep this information up to date, it is the readers responsibility to ensure that they understand what is currently available and obtain a personal assessment of their entitlements based on the set criteria.

Specialised Lenders

This always tends to surprise buyers, but brokers are not all created equal. So, although you may have previously been told that you cannot obtain a mortgage, it is always worth enquiring with our team as we have access to a network of specialised brokers that focus on low deposit buyers. These brokers are well versed in lending requirements and helping buyers to select the correct lender for their unique circumstances.

Deposit Assistance Package

If you are in a position where you can afford mortgage repayments – but just need that little bit of help putting together your deposit – then you may be eligible for our $15K Deposit Assistance Package. There no strings attached.

Home Design Selection

The final aspect to the Deposit Assistance Package is selecting your ideal home design from our specially crafted low deposit range. These designs have been created especially for you and strike a remarkable balance between modernity, functionality and cultivate a clear sense of belonging. All of our designs are also full turn key, meaning that there will be nothing left to worry about at handover - except moving in!

Find out if you qualify for Low deposit assistance

In order for us to support you with our Low Deposit Assistance Package, you simply need to meet the criteria set by lenders in order to calculate your mortgage borrowing capacity.

There are a number of criteria that work on a sliding scale when making this calculation. This sliding scale is the reason why it is so important to speak to a reputable and experienced broker when considering the purchase of a home – as it can have a big impact on the outcome of your borrowing capacity. Some of these criteria include:


Australian citizen

Are you an Australian citizen or permanent resident?


Stable employment

Do you have stable employment? 


Annual Income

Do you have an annual income of $80K+? 


Minimal debt

Do you have minimal debt under $30K? 


The truth is that time does matter. Building your new home does need to be a priority for you. This is why:

Inflation is real

Every year you wait, the cost of living increases. This not only includes the price of your new home in the area you like, but it also includes your current rental costs and many other bills. As inflation occurs, it also starts to move your saving goal posts as 5% of $450,000 is less than 5% of $500,000 and so on. Therefore, you may start to find that as time goes on, making the move into your own new home becomes harder or it might mean that you will need to choose a different suburb to that which you had your heart set on.

Government incentives are time sensitive

We are so very lucky to live in a country that supports our social security. However, as amazing as our Government incentives are, they also have an expiry date. Don’t miss out.

Age matters

Again, this is a little fact that tends to surprise buyers, but your age does matter. The reason? Because as you age, the shorter your repayment term becomes, and shorter repayment terms mean higher weekly repayments will be required. To create the best opportunity for yourself, make your move from renting to owning sooner rather than later.

Low Deposit Program don't wait

We've helped more than 700 first home buyers


During our 20+ years of experience crafting spaces that inspire, that spark imagination and that nurture aspirations, we have had the pleasure of welcoming home hundreds of buyers who have made the move from renting to owning. This is what some of them have to say:

Your next move is up to you

Make your next move count. Stop renting and move into your own, new home now.