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Split Level Homes

Choose from home designs that can be tailored to suit an uneven or sloping block.

Build your custom home design

You’ve found the perfect spot for your new home. It’s close to schools, work and your family – but it’s on an uneven site. That doesn’t mean you need to keep looking though. With a tailored split level design, you can take full advantage of a unique piece of land and build a home that suits both the block and your lifestyle.

Privium Homes has over twenty years of building experience and we’re experts at split level design. It can be a challenge to engineer a home for a sloping block, so it’s important to choose a builder who knows how to get it done. 

Our split level floorplans are individually modified for each project, ensuring they make the best use of your land and budget without compromising on the design features and layout options you want.

Laying the right foundation

Privium’s engineers are experts at designing cost-effective split level homes. They can develop a floor plan that works with your land – rather than against it – without compromising on the features you want in your new home. Unlike other builders, our fixed price* contracts also include the cost of mandatory earthworks, protecting you from unexpected costs.

There are two main types of foundation used for building on uneven or sloping blocks:

House outline graphic | Privium Homes

Stepped slab

Split level homes use this type of foundation. Rather than a single flat concrete pad, a stepped slab is made up of several pads that incorporate the elevation changes of your land. This method might cost you a little more in the engineering phase, but those costs are usually offset by cheaper earthworks and simpler council approval processes.

House outline graphic | Privium Homes

Level slab

Most homes are designed to be constructed on a single concrete pad. This offers the obvious benefit of being able to purchase a home off the plan without needing modification. But putting a level slab on a sloping block requires extensive earthworks which are prone to cost and schedule blowouts, as well as causing livability issues like poor drainage and reduced natural light.

Benefits of choosing a split level home

With enough earthworks you can turn any block into flat land, so why bother with a split level home? Let’s look at the major benefits of building to suit your site.

01 | Privium Homes

Optimised for you block

A split level home makes the most of your block by designing a layout that works with the natural features of the land. That means a more stylish home, cheaper earthworks, better access to your yard, a gentler driveway angle, as well as improved natural light, airflow and drainage.

02 | Privium Homes

Get a unique design right off the plan

Because each split level block is a little different, you’re guaranteed to get a unique design without needing a fully custom floorplan. Interior elevation changes can be used to create room separation, adding detail and flair that will make your home stand out.

03 | Privium Homes

Enjoy your views

Uneven blocks commonly occur in hilly areas that offer excellent natural views. Avoiding large-scale cut and fill earthworks means you get to take advantage of those views all around, and our designers can deliver the best views to the rooms where you want them.

04 | Privium Homes

More cost effective

Modifying a floorplan to suit your site attracts extra expense, but this is usually offset by the savings on earthwork and council approvals. Less earthmoving saves money and reduces the risk of cost blowouts when compared to putting a level slab on the same site.

The split level home design process

Like all our building products, our Split Level Home service is managed from end to end. We handle the hard work so you can build without the stress. Our team knows what it takes to bring your vision to life and can offer as much or as little support as you need along the way.

planning your new home
Step 1

Planning your new home

Meet with your friendly New Home Sales Consultant to get started on the process of building your split level home. They will take you through our options and help you plan out a wish list that works with your block’s requirements.

Our team will perform a free site assessment to determine whether your block is eligible for our service and which of our design options are suitable.

Any of our Canvas Series floorplans can be modified to suit an uneven block. Your New Home Sales Consultant can help you choose an attractive and suitable option. For those who want to go the extra mile, we also offer a complete Custom Home design service.

After confirming your block is suitable for our service, we get started on drafting concept site and floorplans. These concept drawings are used to estimate the cost of your entire project.

Step 2

Finalising your contract

Once you’re happy with the concept drawings and initial pricing estimate for your build, we take a deposit that covers the creation of formal drawings and the construction of your new home.

We work with you to complete the final home elevations, floorplan and site drawings for your new split level home. With your approval of the final drawings, a new fixed price* building contract will be generated and signed.

It’s time to visit our beautiful Inspire Gallery and meet with our colour consultant team. They can take you through the showcase of our fixtures and finishes and hep you choose a colour palette that will transform your house into a home.

finalising your contract
home construction begins
Step 3

Construction begins

Privium will handle all council reporting and approvals on your behalf, streamlining the process and keeping your project on track.

All that’s left for you to do is put your feet up and wait for your new split level home to be constructed. Once construction has begun you will have a fortnightly meeting with your site supervisor to stay up to date on progress. Otherwise, you can see photos each building stage and track progress using “iHub,” our online portal. For any other support you need along the way you can contact our helpful team at any time.

Home building solutions for every block

Whatever your home site looks like, we are more than up to the task of crafting a split level solution for it. Unlike other builders, Privium Homes offers our split level contracts on a fixed price* basis, which includes all mandatory earthwork and retaining walls. Our fixed-price contracts protect customers from hidden surprises, so you get exactly what you want without needing to worry about potential cost blowouts.

Building with us gives you access to our experienced designers, trades and support staff, as well as to our extensive industry connections. These are the people who make it possible for us to offer a cost-effective service that leaves nothing out. Our team will coordinate your entire build from end to end, allowing you to be as hands-off as you choose. We’ll be there along the way to answer your questions or offer any support you may need to turn your vision of a split level home into a reality.

Couple looking over house design with architect | Privium Homes

* Conditions apply. Please contact your New Home Consultant for more information.

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