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Top Interior Design Trends for 2021

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Interior trends took a bit of a back seat last year, but 2021 has seen the world of interior design bounce back stronger than ever.

More time spent at home has given us the chance to get on with those DIY projects, and government grants encouraging people to renovate or build their homes means designers are working overtime to catch up with demand. This year our favourite trends are taking a step towards the bolder end of the scale, bringing colour and greenery back into the family home in a big way.

If you’re designing a house, planning a renovation or just looking for some inspiration, then here are our top interior design trends for 2021 and beyond.

Natural materials continue their reign

Timber, stone and leather finishes have been popular for years now, and we expect to see them hold onto their place at the top of the interior design heap. The design world’s steady return to natural materials and handcrafted finishes is firmly cemented as one of our favourite trends in recent years. Expect to see even more use of stone tiling, warm hardwood flooring, leather furniture, timber accents and cabinetry, and raw metals like brass and nickel making their way into the design repertoire.

Home offices for the new age

For reasons that need no explanation, 2021 has been the year of the home office. Current predictions say two-thirds of Australians will continue their at-home work for at least the next year or so, which means eyes have turned to the drab home office as the next interior design frontier.

We’re doing away with cheap chairs and rickety desks, exchanging them for carefully curated offices that make the most of whatever space we can find. Look out for makeshift offices hidden in cupboards, wall-hung shelf desks and pack away workspaces, and you can expect to see those elegant timber and leather materials giving our home offices a touch of luxury.

Minimalism in moderation

After decades of minimalist homes and restrained design, things are shifting towards a more controlled maximalism. Say goodbye to flat whites and neutral colours on every surface and start exploring more complex textures and patterns. Embossed wall panelling, textured tiles, patterned linens and fabric furniture are just the beginning of this trend, and we’re even seeing printed wallpapers make a comeback on feature walls. However you want to do it, with wallpaper or with carefully styled open shelving, our interiors are looking less like display pieces and more like comfortable homes again.

Bringing back the curves

Mid-century modern has been on our minds for a while now, but the style is just a lead-in for where our interior trends are headed next. Everyone knows fashion comes in goes in cycles, and if you’d guessed that we’re headed back to the 80s then you’d be spot on.

You won’t see mid-century trends disappear any time soon though. Upmarket glass and gloss finishes, and bolder furniture and styling are here to stay. But we are on a steady evolution that will bring 80s-style curves back into the home in a big way. Kick straight line minimalism to the curb with arching doorways, statement furniture pieces, round dining tables, sculptural lounge suites and much more.

Tiling with texture

Our floors may be neutral stone or warm timber, but our kitchens and bathrooms are headed in another direction entirely. Textured tiles are on the rise, and their embossed, painted or sculptural surfaces are changing the way we design our wet areas. Manufacturers are now producing modern designs for tiles that allow homeowners to bring striking colours and interesting textures into even the most ordinary bathroom spaces.

Houseplants are taking over

Greenery in the home has been on the rise for years, and now it’s a must-have, from the bedroom to the bathroom and everywhere in between. Whether that means elegant ferns, small boxes of flowers and succulents, or even your collection of kitchen herbs, house plants are becoming the thing that ties our interior design together. Match your new timber cabinetry and stone flooring with a healthy dose of indoor plants and watch as your home turns into a living and breathing thing.

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